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2008 Konica Regius Model 110

2008 Konica Regius Model 110: The REGIUS Model 110 is a
high performance single bay CR system that can process up to 76
plates per hour (14″x17″), achieving a high-speed processing cycle
of 47 seconds/plate. This is the smallest, top-of-the-line Regius
model with both compact design and high performance. The
Regius Model 110 features an astonishingly small footprint of only
0.27 m²

OPER-4060 EQUIPMENT SHEET Rev: 000 Released: 07/17/2020
Konica Regius Model 110
• Date of Mfg: 2008
• CS-7, Integrated Control Station
• CS-7 has multiple function which provides you useful workflow.
• Control AeroDR detectors and KonicaMinolta CR devices.
• Send patient images to PACS and Dry Imagers.
• Obtain examination information from RIS and send back each
• Link up X-ray exposure condition with X-ray console.
• Write patient image on CD/DVD with DICOM, PDI and JPEG format.
• Reconditioned and verified working
• Includes Konica Workstation,
Monitor,Keyboard and Mouse.


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