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2017 Ziehm Vision R C-Arm

The Vision R is a surgical, feature-rich mobile
system designed to perform a wide range of
fluoroscopic applications.
It’s refined movement capabilities, high
resolution, and dose efficiency make it a smart
solution for procedures in surgery, orthopedics,
urology, cardiology, and pain management.
Rotating anode and high-powered monoblock
pulsing generator aimed towards minimizing dose
exposure while ensuring clean, sharp images
regardless of patient size. This unit is in great
working condition.

• Date of Mfg: 2017
• Serviced: 2020
• Multimedia export
• Motion detection
• Dose reduction
• Vascular Package Included
• 9″ Image Tube

• Advanced Liquid Cooling X-Ray Tube
(No Overheating)
• Smart archive
• Updated to latest system software (7.06.2)
• Laser positioning
• Vignetting Capabilities
• Color coded ergonomic hand controls

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