Kalispell Regional Medical Center (Montana)

Kalispell Regional Hospital is a 163-bed hospital, located at 310 Sunnyview Lane in Kalispell, Montana.

When we heard that the Radiology department was looking Angiographic equipment we were excited because we had a long history with the hospital. Core has been working with the KRMC since 2003 with our installation of a Canon universal room. Our relationship has grown to  two digital portables, two RadsSpeed Auto rooms, and a RadPro URS system. In July of 2015 we installed a Canon CXDI-701C upgrade to their existing Phillips room. Kalispell Regional Medical Center including their other enterprises: NW Ortho, and Health Center Northwest have purchased 8 Canon CXDI DR plates.

In late April 2015, Core Medical Imaging, Inc completed the first west coast installation of the Shimadzu Trinias angiographic system which went into operation at Kalipell Medical Medical Center.

The Trinias-12 family, with floor and ceiling mount options, is designed as a “crossover” room capable of performing both cardiac and vascular interventional examinations. The ceiling- mounted Trinias C-12 at Kalispell Regional is equipped with a 58-inch Eizo 8MP display monitor. “We are thrilled to introduce our region to the increased safety and ease-of-use the Trinias system delivers. It represents another great step forward in our long-term partnership with Shimadzu,” said Jon Jacobson, Founder and President of Core Medical Imaging, Inc.

Patient safety is at the forefront of the system, whose seven radiation dose reduction features produce high quality images while minimizing exposure. Its SCORE PRO image processing technology dramatically enhances fluoroscopic images and provides multiple specialized functions to expedite exam procedures. SCORE RSM is an extremely motion-tolerant DSA technique achieved through Shimadzu’s high-speed image processing technology. The first case at Kalispell Regional was a SCORE RSM utilizing C-arm precession motion.

The hospital invested in a zero gravity radiation apron system. It took a lot of coordination and planning to get it to work with Trinias Overhead Rail system.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center provides a wide range of Interventional Radiology services. The Trinias will be used with Kalispell Regional Medical Center’s “multi- disciplinary team approach to patient care” which the Kalispell Regional Medical Center is well known for.

We are very proud of the work our service team did on this room. It was also exhilarating to visit the hospital after the machine was up and running for a few weeks to see a procedure in progress as well as her about the staffs enthusiasm for the Shimadzu Trinias System. The Interventional Radiology staff has told us that they use RSM on 90% of their cases. The Trinias room is used for spine injections for pain management, kidney biliary drain and stent placement, neural, abdominal and peripheral angiography, diagnostic intervention, Dialysis graft management TIPS, Y90 hepatic artery and portal vein mapping for cancer therapy, and more.

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Angio/Cardiac Cath


Angio/Cardiac Cath