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Cal-Ray provides advanced software for the radiography industry. From PACS systems to image enhancement applications, our technologists have hand-picked only the best programs to help you improve your exposures’ diagnostic potentials and raise your facility’s productivity.

Riverain's ClearRead Suite carries three innovative medical imaging software that give the radiologist a clearer view of an x-ray image, improving the diagnostic potential of the mostly commonly performed imaging procedures. The three products are ClearRead Bone Suppression, ClearRead +Detect and ClearRead +Compare.
Novarad NovaPACS is a web-based PACS system with a full diagnostic viewer, customizable settings, and a workstation, capable of once-click voice recognition dictation. The software also makes images and reports available, anytime, anywhere, via any web browser, PDA or smartphone.
The Genesis OmniOne is an all-in-one PACS archive, viewer and image transmission software with a full-featured SQL database. Along with the secure archiving of all DICOM images, OmniOne is also capable of viewing of digital images on a monitor and sending images to an off-site facility.

The Pehamed PEHAview SCA Full Version performs acceptance and constancy tests according to DIN V 6868-57 and QSRL.

The Pehamed PEHAview SCA Professional performs separate service technician acceptance tests and radiologist constancy tests (e.g. by radiologist).

The Pehamed PEHAview SCA Server is designed for central control of monitor workstations at one location.

The Pehamed INFOSENS 3.3 is a comprehensive software used for easy and quick documentation of constancy tests for x-ray film processing (DIN 6868/2).

The Pehamed MAMMOSOFT 3.3 is a comprehensive software used for documenting constancy tests of mammography systems (including x-ray film processing) according to the "European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Mammography Screening".

OmniVue® is fully FDA compliant and DICOM compatible with Store, Query/Retrieve and Print functionality for easy networking with other PACS systems and workstations.
Informity completes the imaging cycle with cloud-based features that increase your digital productivity and protect your data.
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