Cal-Ray’s superior line of portable radiography systems brings convenience to patients with limited mobility. With these mobile solutions, the radiography room can be brought to the patient’s bedside, instead of bringing the patient to the radiography room. All of Cal-Ray’s portable x-ray systems provide optimized workflow and more productivity for any x-ray facility.

The RadPRO 40kW is a digital mobile x-ray system. Equipped with a CXDI Canon flat panel detector, the system captures high quality diagnostic images and uses a fast processing time. The 40kW also eliminates the need for film, chemistry-based systems or carrying cassettes to a CR reader.
In medical facilities requiring quick action, this digital mobile X-ray system allows verification of images just 3 seconds after they are obtained, eliminating the need to replace cassettes and read CR barcodes.
The new wireless FPD expands the product range and allows easy positioning in restricted spaces when combined with the intuitive movements of the MobileDaRt Evolution.
This newly launched, state-of-the-art mobile system is available in two forms: the standard type, which further enhances the highly-acclaimed maneuverability and easy handling of Shimadzu mobile systems and the high-power type, with 32 kW maximum power output for superior image quality.
MobileArt Plus is designed by integrating solutions for the real requirements from the field for mobile imaging. In mobile imaging, it is required to care various things, such as driving through a crowded passage, long drive with heavy films, taking quality X-ray films without mistake, taking care of very sensitive fixtures, and most importantly giving the comfort to the patient.
The essential features required in mobile imaging are available in manual-driven mobile x-ray system as well.The same design concept for MobileArt Plus has been reflected to MobileArt ECO.
By installing a thin 14"×17"Flat Panel Detector (FPD) in the MobileArt-series mobile X-ray system, (which has been widely praised for its high level of operability), we have enabled the digitization of mobile radiography. Images can be validated on the spot, immediately after exposure. There is no need to read or replace cassettes, and image transfer and network printing is a simple, straight-forward task.
The RadPRO FDDRS is a Field Deployable Digital Radiography System. Featuring a compact, ruggedized and lightweight design, the FDDRS offers quick and easy storage, shipping and deployment. The x-ray system is most suitable for military use, mobile/ambulatory services and on-site applications where non-traditional x-rays are needed.
The RadPRO 4kW is a portable x-ray system equipped with a powerful, high frequency 4 kW generator. This x-ray system folds into a compact configuration for easy transportation or storage, and connects easily with a 20-foot line-in cable and 10-foot hand switch cable.
The PXS-810 is used for convenient patient positioning and podiatry radiography. This reliable high frequency generator is also compatible with conventional film screen equipment and CR/DR systems.
The SR-115 is a high frequency x-ray system that offers optimal system reliability with its intuitive user interface and storage capacity of seven 14” x 17” radiographic cassettes. The “Line Powered” system is an ideal solution for clinical image quality and lightweight portability.
The Del Medical Delworks CR Mobile is a battery powered mobile digital x-ray system with an integrated digital x-ray cassette reader. A telescopic arm provides extra flexibility for the operator, especially in hard to reach areas during operation.
The PowerMax 1260 is a unique portable high-frequency x-ray offering outstanding agility and reliability. This model features a constant 3kW output that provides hospital quality imaging and easy upgrade to digital imaging.
The SR-130 is a microprocessor-controlled high-frequency portable x-ray system. The model’s 3 kW power provides outstanding hospital quality imaging, while its compact design enables easy storage and transport.
The RadPRO Digital Mobile Upgrade Kit is a cost-effective way of transforming existing AMX4/4+ or Definium unit to a digital radiography system. The kit includes the operator’s choice of a single solution or dual solution with a wireless or portable digital radiography detector.
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