EZy-Rad Pro, an X-ray radiography system that combines compact dimensions to allow installation in tight spaces and makes imaging possible with simple operations, has arrived. Its innovative "one-touch guide" informs the operator of the proper exposure..
Designed to exacting specifications, the RADspeed System MF delivers high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system.
RADspeed MC is an X-ray tube system that is hung from the ceiling. Outstanding imaging and flexibility of technique is provided by the broad range of movement of the device by which the accessing the patient is made easy.
The RADspeed is a high-performance general radiographic system. It is designed for optimal daily workflow, as a general X-ray system, wireless, tethered and fixed flat panels can be selected to best match your workflow. Additionally CR is fully supported.
The RADspeed safire system includes a new direct-conversion 16-bit FPD, which offers outstanding detection performance, a high performance digital image processing unit, which takes advantage of the high-definition data provided by the FPD..
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