KUBTEC XPERT 20™ is a self-contained shielded cabinet x-ray system. This KUBTEC model features DICOM-compliant and user-friendly software with automatic exposure control (AEC), auto-calibration, and automatic window leveling. The system can also send multiple images, with annotations, to PACS in the shortest amount of time.
KUBTEC XPERT 40™ is a mobile, self-contained, shielded cabinet x-ray system that eliminates conflicts in mammography and reduces time in surgery for intra-operative imaging of specimens. This system is the perfect solution for specimen radiography and even has applications in pathology.
KUBTEC XPERT 80-L is a multi-purpose cabinet x-ray system for large area imaging. With an x-ray source of up to 160 kV and 1000 watts, and support for digital detector sizes up to 17” x 17”, the XPERT 80-L brings top-class, medical-grade imaging to scientific research.
The DIGIVIEW 250 is a portable high resolution digital detector with a 20 x 25 cm detector size. At 96 micropixels, this detector offers the highest resolution images in the industry. The DIGIVIEW is ideal for use in orthopedic departments, neonatal imaging, and general radiology.
The DIGIVIEW Series is a line of x-ray cameras. They are stand-alone, high-resolution x-ray imaging devices complete with up to 12-bit digital interface. Compatible with the optional DICOM-compliant software, they are available in 5 different models to suit your imaging needs.
The Sony UP-DF750 is a versatile multi-film imager ideally used for mammography and radiology applications. This cost-effective dry film imager features a 3.8” graphic quality LCD front panel and a high- resolution thermal head.

The Sony MD2GO is a flexible camera system, offering real time HD quality communication in facilities with either Ethernet-configured or wireless-ready connections. The MD2GO system also enables immediate visual/auditory access to patients and diagnostic equipment, and can be controlled with a remote in places with internet connection.

The Sony UP-DF550 is a high functioning thermal printer which allows data to be printed in DICOM format. With its advanced printing capabilities, this Sony dry film imager is the ideal solution for high standard image diagnoses.
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