The FCR PRIMA T is a light and compact tabletop reader unit with a high processing speed of 57 IPs/hr. It also features Image Intelligence , Fujifilm's propriety image process technology, ensuring the excellent image quality and accurate diagnosis.
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  • 57 IPs/hr processing speed, upgradeable to 67 IPs/hr
  • Light, compact, space-saving design
  • ST-VI imaging plate
  • Type CC IP cassette
  • Image Intelligence process technology
  • Compatible with FCR PRIMA Console and FCRView
Standard Components FCR PRIMA T Image Reader (Model: CR-IR 392)
AC power cord
Other System Components IP cassette type CC
FCR PRIMA Console, FCRView
Dry Imager DRYPIX PRIMA, DRYPIX 2000, 7000, Plus
Imaging Plate ST-VI 35 × 43 cm (14″ × 17″), 35 × 35 cm (14″ × 14″), 10″ × 12″, 8″ × 10″,
24 × 30 cm, 18 × 24 cm, 15 × 30 cm (Variation)
IP Cassette Type CC 35 × 43 cm (14″ × 17″), 35 × 35 cm (14″ × 14″), 10″ × 12″, 8″ × 10″,
24 × 30 cm, 18 × 24 cm, 15 × 30 cm (Variation)
Time Required for IP Feed / Load Min. 64 sec. (Min. 54 sec.)*
Processing Capacity Up to 57 IPs / hr. (Up to 67 IPs / hr.)*
Reading Specification 10 pixels / mm, 5 pixels / mm**
Time to Start on Display Min. 33 sec.
Time to Print on DRYPIX PRIMA Approx. 165 sec. (Approx. 155 sec.)** in case of 35 × 43 cm
Number of Stacker 1
Network 10 Base T / 100 Base TX
Dimensions (W × D × H) 560 × 540 × 392 mm (22″ × 21″ × 15″)
Weight 39 kg (86 lbs.)
Power Supply Conditions Single phase 50 - 60 Hz
AC 120 - 240 V ±10% 1.9 A (max)
Operating Conditions Temperature: 15-30 °C
Humidity: 15-80% RH (No dew condensation)
Atmospheric pressure: 750-1060 hPa

This equipment is a Class 1 laser product (IEC60825-1:2001).
* When using the Upgrade Kit
** When using the Upgrade Kit and in the High Speed mode

Fuji FCR PRIMA T Description

The FCR PRIMA T is a high-speed tabletop reader that breaks the common misconception of CR. The reader has a greatly improved processing speed, space saving-design and high quality imaging. The PRIMA T carries Fujifilm’s advanced imaging processing, Image Intelligence, and delivers superior image quality for accurate operation and diagnosis.

Fast processing

While the previous type only had a speed of 29 IPs per hour, the FCR PRIMA T almost doubles this with a top-notch processing speed of 57 IPs per hour. Furthermore, this speed can be increased to 67 IPs per hour with the optional Upgrade Kit. This fast processing will help lower patient waiting time, increase the efficiency of examination workflow, and enhance the overall productivity of your facility.

Compact design

The FCR PRIMA T has a light, compact, tabletop design. At 22" × 21" × 15" and 86 pounds, the FCR PRIMA T can be placed on a desk, shelf or anywhere space is limited. As a fully digital reader, the PRIMA T does not need a darkroom or an automatic processor. Moreover, the FCR PRIMA T can always be positioned in the space left by a chemistry-based processor.

Top quality imaging

The compact and light FCR PRIMA T produces the same superior quality image as the other models of the FCR range. This tabletop reader model is equipped with Image Intelligence, Fujifilm's proprietary image processing technology, delivering enhanced image contrast and sharpness. With additional features including Flexible Noise Control (FNC) and Grid Pattern Removal (GPR), users have more command over the imaging results. This can be further supplemented with the optional Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP) feature, which enhances all diagnostic scopes other than noise. The FCR PRIMA T helps provide more accurate diagnoses through its stable and high-quality imaging.

Software Compatibility

The FCR PRIMA T is fully compatible with the all-in-one viewers FCR PRIMA Console and FCRView. These transform the user’s desktop into a multifunction workstation for all radiographic imaging applications.

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